Hot Taps

Your Hot Tap HQ

At Kelly Brothers, we know that time is money—and that’s why we are your hot tap HQ. When you need to install on-site connections to existing piping or valve-systems without shutting down for repair, Kelly Brothers has you covered. Our hot tapping services can provide your company with dependable, safe and controlled entry into your piping or vessels operating at pressure or vacuum, without losing product or interrupting your system operations.

These services provide your business with a highly-cost effective way to make branch connections into operating piping systems. We are capable of providing hot tap services from ¾ inch – 4 inches. At Kelly Brothers, our certified specialists work in conjunction with your on-site personnel, to ensure quality and safety at every step along the way.

We can repair any area damaged by mechanical or corrosive means, and even make additions to your existing system for expansion without shut-down—and we can do it safely, without risk of burn-through or excessive venting.

How Can Kelly Brothers Help You?


Contact our estimating department for help with your hot tap needs.