Past Projects

Woodville Elementary School Bank of America
FSU Locker Room HVAC Renovation FSU Keen AHU Replacement
VA Tallahassee Outpatient Clinic FSU Sandels Lab – Pathogenic/Microbiology Lab
City of Tallahassee, Fire Station #16 FSU Westcott Bldg
FAMU Central Plant 4th Condenser Well FAMU Student Services HVAC Replacement
FAMU 800 Bed Dormitory FSU Dittmer
TCC Facility #6 Dental Hygiene Renovations RAA Middle School Renovations
Celebration Baptist Church Sealey Elementary School Renovations
Public Safety Complex FSU Speicher Locker Room
Fairview Middle School HVAC Renovation FSU Eppes Hall Demolition
Jennie Murphree HVAC Renovation Hoffman Building 4th Floor Lab Renovation
Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Bldg #7 Gretchen Everhart Classroom Addition
TMH Wound Care Facility FSU Fine Arts HVAC – Phase II
Belle Vue School Phase I /FSU FSU Wildwood Halls Phase II
FSU Warren Bldg FDLE Chiller Replacement
FAMU Sampson & Young Halls Thomas P Smith Water Facility Phase II
First Baptist Church FL Bar South Wing BAS & HVAC Upgrade
TP Smith Chlorine Contact Basin FAMU Perry Paige Lab
Woodville Elementary School HVAC Improvements WFSU AHU-3 Replacement
Leon County Eastside Library Thomas P Smith WP 2B
FSU Fine Arts HVAC – Phase I FSU McCollum Hall
Claude Pepper Building Chiller Plant Apalachee Center
Tallahassee Mem. Hlth AHU #11 Replacement FSU School of Medicine, Mechanical Penthouse Renovations
FAMU Tucker Hall FSU New Supply & Return Well
FSU Salley Hall HVAC Renovations FSU Aramark Bus Stop Grab N Go
OLITS Computer Room Renovations FAMU Teaching Gymnasium & Multipurpose Center
FSU Intramural Sports Complex FSU Research Bldg B
Bob Martinez Renovations DEP-Laboratory Exhaust Fans
Springwood Elementary School HVAC FSU Biology Unit
Lincoln High School Building 3 Phase X Montford Middle School
Mission San Luis Visitor Center FSUS Classroom Additions
FSU Conference Center FSU Rovetta Building
Tallahassee Regional Airport FSU Material Research Center
Capitol P-4, P-5 FDLE Fume Hood
Wakulla Correctional Institution (Annex) Shared Resource Center
FSU Rogers Hall FSU Student Success Center
EDS (Koger Office Renovations) FSU Chemistry Building
Governor's Mansion /DMS Fuel Cell Installation FSU DeGraff Hall
North Florida Community College North Florida Financial Corp
Driving & Firing Range (Madison) Science Building (Madison)
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital/ Cardiac Service Line Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center
West Gadsden High School DMS Nutrients Lab – DEP Lab Complex
DMS Fire Damper Compliance DMS Down Spout/Leader Repair
DMS Canopy Hood/Stainless Steel DMS Paper Conservation/Preservation
FAMU Recreational Facility FAMU School of Journalism
FCI Powerhouse Franklin County Correctional
FSU Johnston Dining Hall Second Chance School
North Florida Community College Southeast Federal Credit Union
Tallahassee Neurological Wakulla County Jail Addition