Commercial / Industrial Duct Work

Your Duct-work Experts

Kelly Brothers Sheet Metal can fabricate any type of duct for any time of need, whether rectangular or round, in any gauge of any of the materials we work with. We can help you with any connection type– assembled flange, angle flange, slip fit, drive-and-s, whatever your project requires.

We fabricate and install galvanized, stainless and aluminum duct-work wherever you need it, no matter what the structure: office buildings, schools, hospitals, government/ private-sector installations, or any other type of construction that requires an air conditioning or exhaust system.

At Kelly Brothers, we have fabricated and installed all types and sizes of duct-work—for HVAC, as well as for industrial applications (fire/smoke dampers, access doors, exhaust grilles, supply/return ducts), and for material removal (dust, wood chips, paper and other specific types of material collection-systems). Kelly Brothers can custom-design your industrial ductwork to meet your needs and your budget.

How Can Kelly Brothers Help You?

Let Kelly Brothers Sheet Metal of Tallahassee help you design and install your custom duct-work.  Contact us to speak with one of our fabrication engineers today!